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Our Safe Travel Ambassador, Ashley Lawson, is traveling to top incentive event destinations this year. While there, she is learning about and highlighting everything the planning community needs to know about COVID protocols and hosting safe events in those destinations.

As a “Safe Travel Ambassador,” she hopes that by providing essential education and resources—she can equip the meetings industry with the tools needed to usher in the next era of safe, engaging events.

In this Breakouts Podcast with Jason Greenman of Akommo, Ashley dives into what questions planners should be asking to truly understand the safety and preparedness landscape of your host event destination.

Event Destination Podcast
  • What % of your event destination’s GDP accounts for travel & tourism?
  • What are the current crime rates of your event destination?
  • What is the hospital bed capacity closest to your hotel or venue?
  • What budgets should you be padding right now for your event?
  • How has the destination prepared hospitality leaders for the return of safe travel?

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Once you feel confident in your event destination and are ready to start the safe planning process, check out our blog 5 Questions to Guide Your Event’s COVID Safety Plan here. Use these tips as a starting point as you outline your plan.

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