Corporate event planning doesn’t have to follow a set script. In fact, part of the fun is coming up with new, creative ways to celebrate your attendees’ accomplishments and facilitate social revelry. While it is always great to infuse unique elements, why not take it a step further and theme your incentive trip around an already-planned mega-event?

We’re talking about awards shows, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and other star-studded, VIP experiences.

Think of it this way: Give your guests the opportunity to attend something they likely wouldn’t have the chance to experience without your dreamweaving. Even better, when the big draw is already in the works, you just have to get your people there. And if you’re working with a team like Achieve Incentives, we’ll help with that (and plenty of other logistics), so you can relax and enjoy the trip with your team.

Sound like fun? We know! We’ve done it before and we can assure you, it is.

Recently, we teamed up with a client who was ready to complement their program with a big bucket list ticket. They chose to wrap their annual incentive trip around the American Music Awards (AMAs) in Los Angeles, California.

As their award winners were among the highest performers across the organization, they wanted to take things one step further. So they added floor seats to the Elton John’s Farewell Tour concert the night before the awards. This once-in-a-lifetime trip really packed in the star power.

We sat down with our Meeting & Event Coordinator, Brittany Santiago, to hear all about the planning steps involved to help our clients give their attendees a VIP experience that they would remember forever. Here’s what we learned:

Overcoming Obstacles

With over 70 people to coordinate, multiple large events in town, and a tight schedule, the program itself was a logistical challenge.

Our client also wanted to build in some free time into the packed itinerary so attendees could have time to relax or wander through “La-La Land” (as Los Angeles is fondly called).

Each attendee needed VIP transportation, security, and tickets to the events in easily accessible formats.

And lastly, they wanted to host a business meeting prior to the event, but there was no meeting space availability at the hotel.

Supporting Every Step

Our planning team at Achieve Incentives handled all logistics in an organized manner to take the burden off our client including:

  • Researching every detail, including the size of bags allowed in the venues, event entry requirements, etc.
  • Sending a custom-designed agenda to all attendees before the event
  • Coordinating VIP private transportation
  • Researching traffic and travel times
  • Maintaining constant communication with attendees throughout the event
  • Planning a unique meeting in a movie theater
  • Serving as on-site event staff at the hotel (conveniently located within walking distance of the awards)
  • Coordinating a surprise gift delivery of a wine glass chiller and other VIP goodies

Star-Studded Results

  • The clients felt that they could relax, enjoy, and leave everything to us once they were on-site.
  • During the Elton John show, attendees ran into actor and musician John Stamos (swoon, Uncle Jesse) at the Baseline Club, which only added to their already star-studded experience!
  • The agenda provided a once-in-a-lifetime trip for our client’s top award winners and they received over-the-top VIP treatment they will remember forever.
  • Over and over, we heard our client say how happy and grateful they were for our support and pulling off so many miracles to make this dream experience possible. That’s a success in our book!

If this sounds like a great experience, here are some quick tips for planning your own incentive trip around a major event:

When you are brainstorming what event or events to anchor the trip, think of something that aligns with your company mission or attendees’ favorite pastimes.

For example, if you’re in the sports industry, maybe tickets to the premier awards show for athletes, the ESPY Awards, would tickle their fancy. A manufacturer that makes rowing parts could host their top performers at London’s Head of the River Race. Does your team like movies? Center a trip around a major film festival. Get creative!

If you are having trouble nailing down a shared interest, it never hurts to ask. Employee surveys can be a great way to seek out ideas or narrow down a list of possibilities. Just make sure the list includes an event you know you can deliver before making it an option. Dreaming and brainstorming is half the fun. Need ideas? We can help narrow down possibilities or come up with ideas to present to your team.

Also, give some thought to any partnerships that can support you in getting access to the mega-event that most resonates with your audience. There are typically hundreds or even thousands of vendors involved in organizing bucket-list-worthy events. It always helps if you have established partnerships, but there are also other you can consider to get exclusive access. One way to do this is to seek out event sponsorship packages. In addition to special access and perks, this could boost your brand visibility.

Our knowledgeable planning team is always available to support you through this process. From helping you consider and identify your options, to putting together a list of action items, no stone is left unturned. Are you looking for even more ideas or insights on how to center your incentive trip around an awesome event? Schedule a meeting with our planning team to get started!